Shipping Policy


Items are custom printed for you upon order.  They are sent to production within 1 hour of your order.  We do not hold inventory for each location and we can not offer exchanges on sizes at this time, so please be sure of your purchase before you checkout.

Here at Small Town Rag, we use Canada Post's Express Post.  A premium service that we include in our prices to ensure prompt delivery. 

Shipping to Canada Locations: 1-9 Business Days 
(Usually within 5 business days in Ontario)

Shipping to the USA:  1-14 Business Days

Rest of the Globe: 1-30 Business Days

Please allow a grace period of a few days if you are up north, in a remote location, or on the fringes of the continent somewhere.

If you're ordering from some far off land.. things can get hairy in some places especially due to weather, so hang in there for 30 business days.  If you don't get it .. ever..  just let us know and sure as Jesus wore sandals, we'll look after ya.  No problem.


Take Care Now.

Small Town Rag